I am Watercolor Artist based in Uppsala, Sweden

Education: 3 years at Gävle Art School




Some questions from different interviews.


1.Where do you live?
Uppland, Sweden


2. Do you draw from imagination or from life?

I create most from my imagination.When I paint trees and landscapes, I have neither a photo nor scenery for inspiration.


3. Do you favor one art medium over another? Why?

I like watercolor because I’ve learned to control the technique better than other techniques.
It is possible both to create more uncontrolled with the technique “wet on wet” in watercolor technique, while it is also possible to create details with “wet on dry” watercolor technique.
And I like the contrast between “wet on dry” techniques and “wet on wet” technique.
Unfortunately I feel that my paintings are to much “wet on dry” and too little “wet on wet”. With other words, I would like to paint more uncontrolled.


4. What inspired you to draw and paint?

I want to find the ultimate feeling in the creation of my art, with every stroke of the brush and whith every movement of the pencil.
I believe that creativity is born out of independence. Independence from cultural patterns and traditions. A will to


For me it is also inspiring to do something to the best of my ability and to push myself to the limit, instead of following


5. Who inspired you into drawing/painting?

My mother, we painted together when I was little.


6. What’s more important, content or technique?

I put more emphasis on motives than technique in comparison with many other watercolor painters in Sweden.
The most important thing is to express something when you paint which you can do both with technique and motives.


7. Do you have any special art tips or “secrets” you can share with other?

Create emptiness in your life, do not sit in front of television, computer, or mobile screens all the time.
Create what you feel is right, not what you think the environment wants you to create.